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This page serves as a detailed roadmap of the application for future versions of the tool. It describes new features and objectives that are expected to be added to the next "official" release. These items are sourced from community/user requests.

Version 1.3 Release Objectives
(Proposal Stage)
  • Integrate TIBCO ADMIN DLL as a data source through the use of its API
  • Re-factor code to allow user to provide either TIBCO API DLL or tibemsadmin.exe using a Provider model
  • Create logo (icon) for tool

Version 1.2 Release Objectives
(Final - 10/22/2010)
  • Allow configurable auto-refresh capabilities
  • Reduce confusion of Profile section of tool
  • Add data point for active/passive nodes in Connections
  • Re-work parsing logic to account for varying column sizes
  • Create release MSI
  • Re-factor code to allow user to provide their own off-line data generator.

Version 1.1 Release Objectives
(Final - 10/10/2010)
  • Fix long machine names that are cut off
  • Improve responsiveness of UI while typing into the filter boxes

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