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This page describes the conditions in which the source code will be packaged into a release, as well as how to manage the source tree.

Release Process
  1. When all objectives under the "Version Objectives" are met by the source code, a branch of the source will be taken. This branch will be labelled "Branch_[MajorVersion]_[MinorVersion]", where the major and minor version represent the same number as that listed in the "Version Objectives" section.
  2. The branch will be tested by the moderators to ensure that all expected functionality exists. This functionality would include:
    1. All functionality of the previous release
    2. Functionality brought by the source changes that meet the criteria listed in the "Version Objectives" page
  3. Upon "satisfactory" testing of the binary branch, a package is built using the solution file's Setup project which is configured in 'Release' mode.
  4. The package is uploaded to the 'Downloads' section of the project pages for public use.

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